Dolce Vita Espresso offers a special and unique service for those who wish to investigate coffee quality issues.  Usually these issues involve unexplained off-tastes or bitterness affecting the coffee making.  There are many causes of this, most related to contamination problems or water unfit for espresso making but can involve the beans or roasting process as well.  If you have purchased a used commercial espresso machine, you must assume that it is contaminated by scale due to inadequate filtration.  Brewers and steamers likewise, require periodic descaling.  We decontaminate and descale espresso machines as part of our standard service package, but sometimes more remediation is needed.  

We provide this through our Differential Cupping Lab.  

The Differential Cupping Lab is a RIGOROUS means of evaluating your espresso machine coffee shots with the assistance of a neutral JURA Z5 automatic coffee machine + RO water supply, guaranteed not to impart any other flavor other than what the coffee itself delivers.  This is the control unit that you use to compare against coffee produced by your in-house equipment.   We will come to your coffee house with our Jura Control Unit, and set up the diff. cupping lab acting as the shot-puller on both the Jura machine and your espresso machine or you may choose to supply a barista.  We recommend at least 2 people to do cupping done in a a quiet and undisturbed location.  You will be amazed at the taste differences you detect.

Cost is $250.00, Time allotted up to 2 hours.  The JURA CONTROL UNIT (with container of RO water) can be rented as well by the day or half-day with instruction on its use provided.

For further information, please email us.