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Dolce Vita Espresso will troubleshoot and install your: BUNN/ FETCO / CURTIS Brewer.   BREWERS are different from espresso machines. They have unpressurized tanks, not boilers. They have no pumps.  Most problems are related to leaks due to worn sil gaskets and hoses, plastic fittings, scaled-over heating elements and thermostats. Brewers can range from gas-fired urns to ultra-sophisticated electronic with data screens and many settable brewing options, from liter airpot machines to mega-brewing 1.5 gallon thermal dispensers with satellite warmers and beyond.  

Underpotting is usually caused by brewers not getting water due to scale formation or because of clogged filters, although defective valves can be a problem also.  Dome/Dump valves can also leak and silicone faucet seats can deteriorate as well causing lack of water at the hot water spigot.  Thermostats often go bad as well.

NOTE:  If you are buying a used brewer, the probability that it needs to be de-limed /descaled is 100%   Scale can destroy your heating element as well or make it take forever to get hot.  YOUR BREWER TANK MUST BE PERIODICALLY DESCALED.