Dolce Vita rents a 220V / 110V commercial machine along with a standard commercial grinder and smoothie blender for your event or wrap party.    If you're out in the absolute boondocks, Venice Hinterlands, or in the middle of Malibu Creek State Park no problemo!  We can supply a Honda 8000W generator to run one or multiple espresso machines, anything else huge on your mind?  (Minimum barebones fee for generator, 2 Group machine plus grinder, $450 in advance + fuel charge + trip charge for FIRST day.  We will be on site the ENTIRE event, this is a major committment for us.  Please have your site manager contact us for further details) 

MOST RECENT ON-SITE EVENT: We just did the little league farewell party at Palos Verdes High in late May, for The Conservatory in Culver City which had a major booth and one of our compact 2 group Brasilia Machines.  We brought in our kick-ass generator, ran a custom crafted 100 foot 10/3 line with 220V and 110V outlets, fired the beast up and there was espresso, lattes and hot chocolate all night long plus multiple grinders grinding.   It went great.



For indoor events, biz, fashion or other events which have 110/220V electricity nearby, we can set up on a simple table that you have or supply our own for a pretty modest fee.  We have several outstanding machines - Marzocco GS3 and Synesso Cyncra paddle machines, and a Brasilia compact.  Our Barista, Yee Kai Lim of Cognoscenti Coffee will be the appointed master of coffee for your event, brewing some of the finest four barrel coffee beans available for your very special soiree.  We can do either a cash coffee bar or fee in advance for the entire shindig. Call us to go over details and availability.


Dolce Vita Espresso is committed to service and charity and the spirit of donation and giving.   If you are a non-profit or you are having a silent auction benefit or similar fundraising event, we will accommodate you with nominal charges to cover travel expenses and set up.  We have partnered with Starbucks for this purpose and the outcome has been  terrific.