HOW do we charge?

There are MANY VARIABLES involved in a pricing structure-  We do have an HOURLY TIME AND MATERIALS charge, and a TRIP CHARGE may be applicable  - OR we may decide a flat fee is more appropriate - depending on the job involved, the type/model of your espresso machine, and where you are located.  We will let you know in advance.

TRIP CHARGE: We have a modest trip charge because we are seeing a LOT more burned out machines / machines contaminated with huge limescale / CPU issues necessitating expensive repairs.   We arrive, give the diagnosis and the owner is not prepared to do the $$$ repair so the trip is wasted at our expense.  We have a modest fee locally and beyond this, we will advise you.

WE WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST POSSIBLE DEAL AT ALL TIMES BECAUSE WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW.  If you are a NEW ACCOUNT calling us to check out your new fashionista bistro/ restaurant for a new or upgraded installation or consultation, there is NEVER a charge and we'll be happy to go over EVERYTHING with regards to a commercial machine installation and espresso grinder as well as electrical, plumbing and reverse osmo requirements. 


Yes, and it's a minimum of $60-100 but you must CALL us to get a price.   (We cannot test 3 phase 330V machines or other odd wiring /voltage requirements.  A 4 group machine is minimum $150 to  test.   You MUST bring it to us with all accessories and parts.  We will hook it up, bring it up to steam and examine it and evaluate it for BASIC mechanical, shot extraction and steam-production / overall functioning while you wait.  Recently we did hook up a Clover machine which was extremely Star-Wars futuristic and most outrageous.