We Just LOVE

The out of production, SAECO ESTRO PROFI with the optional GRAN CREMA PRESSURIZED PORTAFILTER is in our opinion, ONE OF THE BEST SMALL (VALVELESS) HOME ESPRESSO MACHINES EVER MADE.  With its built in adjustable burr grinder, quick-heating boiler, doser, tamper, knick-knack drawers, movable steaming wand, enameled steel frame, polished SS exterior, large volume tank and stylish curving design, this sturdy machine is the Ferrari of home espresso machines, a beautiful piece of design art that only the Italians could pull off.  The Gran Crema pressurized portafilter makes this machine and any other Saeco Starbucks machine a freaking killer crema-extracting PADDLE MACHINE!   This is way cool!  Here at Dolce Vita, we routinely service the various Starbucks Espresso Machines up to ten years old; the only thing we ever replace is hoses and pumps cause they LAST so damn long.  We haven't YET had to replace the heating element on a Saeco Starbucks machine despite the abuse they take.   Yay, Saeco!