REPAIR Crash Course


DOLCE VITA ESPRESSO, A Marzocco trained repair facility, is offering a unique, hands-on course in maintaining traditional portafilter espresso machines.  There is no such course offered anywhere.  Working with real machines, (or your machine) our introductory 4 hour long crash course is $150 which covers the basic functionality of the standard E61 thermosyphon machine.   Designed for the restaurant/cafe owner who wants to understand basic espresso machine operation, maintenance and adjustment, we cover the grouphead, hydraulics, HX, boiler and steam, element, pump and motor, basic electrical/ electronics, piping, valves and solenoids, drainage, programming and usual adjustments such as water level, boiler and pump pressure.  We cover what to check when considering the purchase of an espresso machine as well as electrical requirements and common repairs.   We go over the nature of scale formation, basic filtration, reverse osmo and use of water softeners and which to use.  Use and adjustment of the Rossi/ Mazzer type grinder, and replacement of mills.  For those more adventurous among us, our advanced topics course covers the more technical electrical   hydraulic, piping, fitting, gasket and drain topics and solutions to hard water scale blockages, minor to major.    Various tools required, other special tools needed, and use of the multimeter is covered, as well as supplies and materials required to service espresso machines.   Disassembly and service of Mazzer type grinders.  Smaller traditional machines such as the Silvia, Saeco, Ascaso and Gaggia (no superautomatic machines) will be covered.    Actual participation in client visits and repairs on site under our guidance is possible.   If you're a shop owner or person with their own machine, this course is invaluable and will help you from being ripped off and taken advantage of.   You will know how to buy a good machine at a great price.  See ya later!