We are located near the city of BURBANK.  

Please call (No Text):



...and leave a message if nobody is available.  PLEASE describe what your machine is doing or is NOT doing!  Give full details on how it is acting up and the best number to reach you at.  We will service you the SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY, guaranteed!

NOTE: We LOVE email! (No Text)  It's much more efficient and we can research the issue.  We will respond quickly.

THE BITTER TRUTH ABOUT COFFEE:   The brew/beans you are buying from your cafe or store has likely been sitting for hours in an airpot, stale, made with grunge beans, or it was roasted a year ago.   Come over to our little brew-shop here, and if our espresso machine is up and running, we'll make you a cup of primeval Java and you'll see what coffee is supposed to taste like.  REAL COFFEE.
TARGET is selling intelligentsia beans at a great price.  YES, TARGET!
TRUTH #1  Brewed coffee in an airpot is good for a maximum of 20 minutes.
TRUTH #2  Roasted beans should be used within 2-3 weeks of....roasting date.
TRUTH #3  Coffee is not supposed to taste bitter.  Strong, yes!
TRUTH #4  Your grinder is more important than your espresso machine.
TRUTH #5  Coffeemaking is your journey, so make it a good one!
** FYI The diagnosis and repair of Italian espresso machines is a black art that has taken us years to master, and we are still learning.    The only craft that comes close is high end auto repair.   We are currently trying to set up an internship program so our valuable treasure trove of acquired knowledge is passed on to a new brethren of espresso techs who will repair machines responsibly and honestly.


We do not repair Breville

No parts / parts do not match / no support


NO Nespresso / Keurig / Verismo - Toss 'em!

NO DeLongi, Krups, Lavazza

(repair centers listed below!)


Francis-Francis - Possibly!

-We try to repair these cool machines designed by Luca Trazzi -

And which are actually well-made with electronic thermostats

(However newer ones are too much flimsy plastic)

Call us, we'll try to save yours, WTF!


 Gaggia Classic:

Prone to corrosion of its aluminum boiler. .....

 We try to save them.......call us....


Gaggia & Saeco Automatics:

We repair mostly hose leaks when/where possible. 




We do not service Miele, Dacor, etc. BUILT-INS


BREWERS: No repairs / We install them only.

GRINDERS: Burr replacement / Switches / Etc. 


WHY we don't service:   A lot of the newer consumer home machines unf. are obsolescently or poorly designed with flimsy plastic parts and / or CANNOT be serviced without a great deal of tedious disassembly and / or parts are NOT AVAILABLE so repair is just not feasible.  

A lot of the machines made today are of poor quality made to be discarded rather than repaired.  Since 2006 Philips Saeco/ Gaggia have moved all mfg operations to ROMANIA  with corresponding decline in quality.    Nespresso and similar are sealed units and cannot be serviced.

Saeco and Gaggia also have a line of some very high end premium $$$ automatic home machines - which are overly complicated and need specialized service. We are recommending that OOW owners of any Saeco GranBaristo type machines ship to authorized SEATTLE COFFEE GEAR for service.  They have the large service / parts department necessary to repair the huge variety of continually evolving Saeco superautomatic machines.  

More reasons to buy a JURA and have us maintain it!  There is a reason this is the only superautomatic we service: these machines are intelligently designed, and are made to be repaired with access to all components.     JURA ROCKS, FOLKS!

OTHER Greater L.A. companies that fix:   Speedy Appliance Service(Saeco,Gaggia); Newman's Vaccum & Appliance (Delonghi); L.A. Electric (GAGGIA); Aroma Cafe Culture (Lavazza); Pasquini home machines & parts: Pasquini; Breville: call Breville in Torrance.

We kind of recommend:   The Rancilio Silvia.  The Rancilio Silvia is a basic and dependable home espresso machine that can always be refurbished - it is EASY to work on.  It has a number of commercial quality features that set it apart from other small machines - to include a quality steam valve, standard sized brass grouphead with 3WV -allowing it to be backflushed as well.   This thing stands up!   HOWEVER:  The Silvia  is also a dated product with bare-bones temperature control.  There are PID kits available for upgrade that you can choose to install - but we frankly feel these are of debatable value - just buy a better machine.

ALERT!  2017: The Rancilio Silvia is no longer a top pick.   For it's $695 purchase price you get a machine with primitive disc-thermostat temperature control and barely usable OPV control.   This machine is frankly, antiquated.    We recommend more technologically current machines such as the Crossland CC1 1.5 machine which has built in PID.

ALERT!  The Silvia boiler is prone to corrosion from hard water scale which accumulates and eventually corrodes / causes element failure.  Boiler replacement is a time-consuming knuckle-busting job frequently involving the removal of corroded bolts, as well as descaling / flushing and we charge a LOT $$$ to do it so take care of your boiler - use bottled or RO water ONLY! 

ALERT!  If you have the Pre-2006 boiler on the LEFT, and it goes bad, it is NOT practical to replace it; too many additional parts are required / too expensive.




If you can spend more, the next stop might be a more advanced small E-61 machine such as the Duetto, Pasquini Livia, Quickmill, ECM Giotto, Expobar Leva / Office and numerous others, which come in manual and auto models.  Some are similar to commercial machines (other than vibration pump) with a full size group head as well as inlet and group electrovalves as well as control boxes and dual tank/ plumbed in selectable feature.   After these come dual boiler home machines such as the Izzo Duetto and finally at the very top: the Marzocco GS/3, a very fine home machine indeed.

PHILIPS SAECO / GAGGIA / DELONGHI / KRUPS / ET AL.   These machines when working properly do the job intended however they just do not stand up over time.  GAGGIA/ SAECO TITANIUM TYPE NEWER AUTOMATIC MACHINES - and similar reboots after a year or two, are subject to frequent multiple leaks, due to their inferior thin fragile hoses.  (We haven't had to replace a hose on any JURA yet!) They will not stand up to prolonged use.  FOR SERVICE PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER FOR A LOCAL AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER.   BETTER recommendation: GET A JURA INSTEAD.

COMMERCIAL BREWERS:  We install them but we do NOT repair them.   Call Fetco-Curtis-Bunn for a repair tech. 

Finding it DIFFICULT to locate a good selection  of home machines, grinders and related accessories to look at?  Well THANK HEAVENS for the internet!  Yes we DO repair a huge variety of machines - including JURA - but NOT ALL!   Here are FIVE LARGE coffee equipment related websites with OODLES of machines to look over.  

1. WholeLatteLove    https://www.wholelattelove.com/

2. 1st Line Equipment   http://www.1st-line.com/

3. Chris Coffee    http://www.chriscoffee.com/

4.  Seattle Coffee Gear:  https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com


HOME LEVER MACHINES (Pavoni, Zacconi, Elektra-Microcasa, Cremina etc)   We occasionally repair SOME of these machines such as Pavoni Europiccola and Elektra, however be aware that while nice to look at, they are impractical and unstable in use, and have a tendency to leak, corrode badly and are difficult to work on.  Further most of these machines have multiple versions with limited availability of parts and there are also LOTS of obscure / orphan lever machines out there like Zacconi and Cremina you will need to do a whole lot of googling on. These machines make tiny dollhouse cups for the Ken and Barbie set - your money is better off spent elsewhere.     

FOR PAVONI, ELEKTRA, call Stefano Espresso Care. (541) 935-1212. https://www.espressocare.com/ & L.A. ELECTRIC.

FOR ZACCONI (Baby Big, Espresso Baby, Riviera and other obscure): call Thomas E. Cara in San Fran @(415) 781-0383   No website.

COMMERCIAL LEVER MACHINES: We service commercial Astoria, Fiorenzato and Rancilio pull machines - among our more complicated jobs. After draining your boiler and unbolting your group/ piston assembly, we replace up to 9 conical, sleeve, spacer, group & boiler gaskets on each side.   Is this expensive to do?  You bet your ass.   Especially if it has to be done on a regular basis, which is usually the case.

---LAVAZZA: Aroma Cafe Culture@ 310-743-2030

---NESPRESSO: Call  @ 1-800-562-1465 https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/service-customer-care

-- DIGITAL THERMOSTAT /PID:  We do not generally service or diagnose PID / electronic thermostat issues BUT we WILL be happy to look at the problem and see what we can do.  If not under warranty or it's something beyond our expertise our advice is to contact the mfg/ importer.

--VINTAGE COMMERCIAL MACHINES:  Dome & Hammered machines etc.  Deluxe Copper @818-768-6300

FRANKE / SCHAERER / WMF / EGRO  AUTOMATIC: Serrano Esp. (626) 285-9909  (You will be spending $$$ to repair these)