Having a Jura malfunction?  Bring it to us right here in Los Angeles for service!   Plus we repair these machines quickly!  Cowabunga!

WE REPAIR JURA.   Dolce Vita repairs most Jura problems such as "Error 8" message which indicates service of your brewer mechanism is due = You WILL be needing to do this repair at some point.  Grinder mill replacement is another routine maintenance item you will be doing.  Leaks can happen also & are usually easily fixed.  Please use filtered water, be careful with oily beans, and bring it to us for routine maintenance.  

Coming a long distance?  We can usually repair it while you wait! 

**SHIP IT TO US!    ....please call first for RMA/ guidelines. 

JURA espresso machines, Swiss made will WAY outlast and outperform any GAGGIA, DELONGHI or SAECO machine out there!  We routinely service JURA machines over 10 years old and send them on their way working just GREAT!      

When we tell you that your JURA machine is fixed - IT'S FIXED!    We just serviced an XS-90 machine that has made an ASTOUNDING 34,000+ coffees and is working just GREAT!  Any questions?   GO BUY ONE!        





If your Jura is groaning and creaking as it attempts to tamp coffee or go through its various movements you need to bring it to us right away or serious damage could occur.   We generally replace the brewer on all Jura machines over 10 years old - which is a LOT of Juras!  (The Jura brewer mechanism is not designed to be easily removed for cleaning by the user.) We will thoroughly clean and calibrate your JURA machine so it will BE LIKE NEW!

If your Jura grinder is not grinding or you are getting an "add beans" message,  but the hopper is full, it may be time for your grinder burrs to be replaced.  This is the 2nd most common major service on a JURA machine after the brewer.

**BULLETIN**  Your JURA machine cannot sit for months or years without use because you moved or you decided not to fix it.  The JURA must be used at least every month so internal parts do not corrode or jam - which can make your Jura unrepairable.  There is no way to prepare the JURA machine or store it for non-use it MUST be used from time to time or your pump or brewer WILL stick/jam and your boiler may become blocked/clogged as well - all VERY expensive repairs so use your Jura machine please!

**BULLETIN**  The ENA MICRO is a flawed machine.  The brewer mechanism on this model can fail without warning causing the machine to JAM.  We do not service the ENA MICRO.  Please ship it to JURA under their blanket repair program.

*BULLETIN**  The JURA fresh water kit is an outrageously expensive $600 accessory for automatically filling the water tank on JURA high end machines such as X9, XJ9, XS90.  They are not technically supported by JURA all that well, and we do NOT recommend them.  Instead we recommend the XS90 and X9 which have a tank offering rear access for a simple float valve which works just great.  The XJ models cannot use a float valve as there is no rear tank access.


Please don't try to disassemble your Jura machine, brewer mechanism or grinder!  Let US do that!

-We will NOT work on partially dismantled machines or machines that have been damaged or modified in any way or machines that have been unused for over a year.  Please ship these to JURA.   

Have a 240V JURA?  Bring it with your step-up transformer, please!!

-We can always use your dead and gone Jura machine for parts!  So please DONATE them to us!

Other problems we fix include blockages, clogged grinder / worn out grinder burrs, boilers, leaks, and failed sensors [ERROR #4]. 


#2 Z-5: BREW / STEAM THERMOCOIL BOILERS.  Note SENSOR on lower right steam boiler under bolt, and thermal fuses on both boilers.

NEVER use anything other than bottled or reverse osmosis water for a Jura machine.  Please run all scheduled cleaning and descaling operations; the descaling operation can be de-activated if you are using bottled / osmosis or softened water.