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Leave a message if nobody is available or send an EMAIL  (NO TEXT).    PLEASE describe what your machine is doing or is NOT doing!  Give full details on how it is acting up and the best number to reach you at.  We will service you the SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY, guaranteed!


**BULLETIN:   Re: BREVILLE:  11-25-19 we are hearing that BREVILLE is overwhelmed with repairing their own junker machines.  We cannot get parts and even if we could, we would not waste our time repairing Breville.  BUY A JURA INSTEAD.

**BULLETIN:  We are getting a LOT of calls from people having problems brewing coffee!  The coffee is weak, the coffee is watery, the coffee is boring, the coffee used to be better etc. what happened?   YOU'RE NOT USING FRESH BEANS and /or THEY HAVE NO MOJO TO BEGIN WITH.   SMELL your ground coffee.  It should give off a pungent aroma that leaves no doubt.   Also, start getting hip to ROASTING DATES!  Use beans within a few weeks of roasting!   TIP: Find coffeehouses that roast their own beans or get their beans from local roasters.     
Another unsuspected issue is a cheap grinder that is out of spec and cannot grind with the precision required. 



NO BREVILLE, Nespresso / Keurig / Verismo / DeLongi

NO FF, Krups, Lavazza, NO Homebrew

No Gaggia Commercial - No Salvatore / Reneka / UNIC

NO ZACCONI Riviera / Baby Big 

(More info below....)


 Gaggia Classic: YES~~!

We are experts at rescuing Gaggia Classics

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WHY we don't service:   A lot of the newer consumer home machines are cheaply fabricated with flimsy plastic parts and crimped-on hoses & prone to leaks and / or CANNOT be serviced without a great deal of tedious disassembly and / or parts are NOT AVAILABLE so repair is just not practical or even possible!   See photo below of flimsy-leaky "reinforced" (ha-ha) red silicone hoses and one-way clamps which make service almost impossible.

WARNING: Phillps NV which owns both Gaggia / Saeco does NOT back their appliances with anything remotely near what JURA offers.  Finding parts for these machines (as well as for Breville), and finding somebody reliable to repair them is an exercise in futility.

More reasons to buy a JURA and have us maintain it!  There is a reason this is the only superautomatic we service: these machines are intelligently designed, and are made to be repaired / serviced with speedy access to all components.   Plus we stock 95% of all parts required to repair your Jura!   JURA ROCKS, FOLKS!




DO I NEED TO DESCALE:  Generally - NO!   Descaling is NOT a maintenance item - it does NOT need to be done periodically because YOU think it's a good idea.  Plus descaling is NOT a simple procedure - many things need to be considered - including what TYPE of descaler to use.    We will let you know if your machine needs descaling.

The Rancilio Silvia.  The Rancilio Silvia is a VERY basic home espresso starter machine with a number of features that set it apart from other small machines - to include a larger brass boiler, quality steam valve, standard sized grouphead with 3WV -allowing it to be backflushed as well.  HOWEVER:  The Silvia is a dated machine with archaic temperature control that has been left in the dust & we do NOT recommend this machine any longer & please don't slap a PID control on your Silvia!  A possible alternative to the Silvia is the Crossland CC1, which is a dual boiler machine with electronic thermostat built in.

ALERT!  The Silvia boiler is prone to failure from A) leaking gasket which causes unrepairable corrosion; and B) hard water scale build-up which leads to element failure.  Replacement of element on older Silvias requires replacement of entire boiler, a time-consuming knuckle-busting repair job and we charge a LOT $$$ to do it so take care of your boiler - use bottled or RO water ONLY!    

All V1 Silvias (the first image) that lose their boilers are not worth repairing.         

The sky is the limit $$$ with many home machines costing thousands like the dual boiler Duetto IV; Home machines are now available with integrated PID and the possiblility of storing extraction profiles, whew.  You will need to investigate / research what's available and perhaps seek some advice in the home barista / coffeegeek user forums. 

ADVISORY!  We are seeing a PROBLEMATIC trend with home E61 espresso machines.  TOO MANY COMPONENTS AND ELECTRONICS IN TOO SMALL A SPACE.   Folks these shiny stainless steel 70lb kitchen-counter QM type PID machines costing $1800-$4000 are getting so jam-packed with wires, fittings, pipes, PID controls, valves, dual boilers, relays etc - that sometimes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to service them or the cost is excessive.   The wires in most of these machines are undersized for the amount of current they carry = soon to come, burned wires/switches/terminal blocks!   Just LOOK where the control box is placed, it's totally exposed to any leak !   WHAT a sloppy congested mess we have here!   No espresso machine should EVER be designed like this!   Be aware and purchase your home machine carefully!   

PHILIPS SAECO / GAGGIA / DELONGHI / KRUPS / ET AL.   These machines when working properly do the job intended however they just do not stand up over time and will not last.  GAGGIA/ SAECO TITANIUM TYPE NEWER AUTOMATIC MACHINES - and similar reboots after a year or two, are subject to leaks, due to their inferior thin fragile hoses.  (We recommend L.A. Electric in Tarzana @818-774-9503.   BETTER recommendation: GET A JURA INSTEAD.

HOME LEVER MACHINES   Yes we DO work on the Pavoni Europiccola and Elektra microcasa machines however we do NOT recommend these mostly inefficient, unstable conversation-piece vertical boiler machines (some automatic) which are difficult to work on and also have a tendency to leak and corrode and frequently, CANNOT BE REPAIRED.   Considering they make tiny dollhouse cups for the Ken and Barbie set - your money is better off spent elsewhere.  

LAVAZZA:   Try: https://lavazzarepair.com/  Denville, New Jersey 07834 (973) 452-7345.  Steve Steinheimer  Lavazza Repair   info@lavazzarepair.com 

ZACCONI RIVIERA/ BABY BIG:  Orphan machine.  No parts are available.

OLYMPIA CREMINA: Cerini Coffee, in NYC  718-584-3449 and other vintage.

COMMERCIAL LEVER MACHINES:   We service commercial Astoria, Fiorenzato and Rancilio pull machines - among our more complicated jobs involving pull group disassembly / replacement of MANY gaskets.   Is this expensive to do?  You bet your ass.   Especially if it has to be done on a regular basis, which is usually the case.

FRANCIS FRANCIS:  A Quality machine, back in the day....we do not service any longer.  Call Sapori in Portland.  Quality Machine.  https://www.saporifineflavors.com/

BREVILLE:  DO NOT BUY BREVILLE - No parts / impossible to service.

ASCASO DREAM:   We are sorry to say,  the Dream Machine is one of THE worst junker machines ever made, with a POS boiler / element guaranteed to burn out early no matter what.  The steaming wand is a runner-up POS as well and under no circumstances should you repair it let alone BUY it.   

---NESPRESSO:    More unrepairable capsule crap and why would you want to.   Call  @ 1-800-562-1465 

--VINTAGE /ANTIQUATED MACHINES:  Dome & Hammered machines / Gaggia etc.  Deluxe Copper/Brass @818-768-6300

FRANKE / SCHAERER / WMF / EGRO  AUTOMATIC:  These high volume automatic machines are usually installed in cafeterias, schools, hotels and similar and are $$$$ to service.   Try Serrano Espresso in San Gabriel, or call the mfg for service info.