Dolce Vita Espresso installs and services compact reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and filters for homes, restaurants & cafes, lunch /break rooms.   We can install RO from 75GPD up to 2000GPD depending on your requirements and can refer you to qualified water conditioning contractors who can install large scale water softening regeneration systems. You will now have pure water for espresso machines, coffee brewers, ice-makers






DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR FILTRATION SYSTEM.  We run into a large number of neglected, mis-configured and OBSOLETE filtration systems for restaurants and cafes.   There seems to be much fraud in filtration installation so be careful!  Please note, all filters must be replaced at 6-9 month intervals.   Not doing this risks a serious health issue or worse, a clogged filter causing complete blockage.  Ice machine filters must be replaced as scheduled or equipment damage is likely.     We install the OMNIPURE line of canister filters