Having a Jura malfunction?  Bring it to us right here in Los Angeles for service!   We stock 95% of the parts that are most often needed for repair!  Not good enough?  Ok, we'll repair it while you wait!   Cowabunga!

WE REPAIR JURA.   Dolce Vita repairs most Jura problems such as "Error 8" message which indicates replacement of your brewer mechanism is due = You WILL be needing to do this repair at some point.  Grinder mill replacement is another routine maintenance item we do frequently.  Error 4 indicates a boiler sensor failure, another common issue.  Leaks can happen & are usually easily fixed.  Please use filtered water, be careful with oily beans, and bring it to us for routine maintenance. 

JURA USA does not service 240V machines - WE DO!  

Coming a long distance?  We can usually repair it while you wait! 


JURA espresso machines, Swiss made will WAY outlast and outperform any GAGGIA, DELONGHI or SAECO machine out there!  We routinely service JURA machines over 10 years old and send them on their way working just GREAT!      

When we tell you that your JURA machine is fixed - IT'S FIXED!    We just serviced an XS-90 machine that has made an ASTOUNDING 41,000+ coffees and is working just GREAT!  Any questions?   GO BUY ONE!  



If your Jura is groaning and creaking as it attempts to tamp coffee or go through its various movements you need to bring it to us right away or serious damage could occur.  The Jura brewer mechanism is not designed to be easily removed for service by the user. We replace your malfunctioning brewer with one of our like-new rebuilt units with all new gaskets.  We will thoroughly clean and calibrate your JURA machine so it will BE LIKE NEW!

If your Jura grinder is not grinding or you are getting an "add beans" message,  but the hopper is full, it may be time for your grinder burrs to be replaced OR you accidentally spilled water in the grinder, clogging it.  

**BULLETIN**  We strongly recommend you upgrade to the newer V5 Saeco mills which are FAR SUPERIOR to the OEM grinder mills supplied with most JURAS. 

***  Your JURA machine cannot sit for months or years without use because you moved or you decided not to fix it.  The JURA must be used at least every month so internal parts do not corrode or jam - which can make your Jura unrepairable.  So use your Jura machine please!  (We DO service Juras that have been sitting for years - usually we can revive them.  )

***  The ENA MICRO and "A" models can be problematic machines.  The brewer mechanism on these are different and we do NOT stock them, so if yours need service hopefully we can fix or repair YOURS.  Basically limited, stripped down versions of ENA.   

***  Should I buy parts for my JURA and try to fix it myself?     NO!

***  We are still trying to understand exactly what the cleaning tablets do.   As for the descaling tablets which require an annoying babysit of your Jura for 40 minutes, we can give you some citric acid powder which will do the same job in 5 minutes.  As for the $$$ tank filters, it is impossible to know when to replace, plus they can get clogged as well.   Just use bottled or reverse osmosis water.   NEVER descale your Jura if you have a tank filter - this will leave a permanently tainted filter you will have to toss..  

***  JURA USA does NOT service any 240V machines - WE DO most of the common repairs, provided you bring your step-up transformer.   However, see note below. 

***  DO NOT BUY ANY EUROPEAN/ UK 240V Jura machine i.e. the Z-8.   You are asking for trouble.  Yes we do most repairs but if you have a control board/ electronics issue, the machine would have to be shipped back to Europe for service.

***  We frequently get asked questions about how to accurately set 7 and 14 gram single/double shots in a Jura through programming, or whether a single shot button means 7 grams and a double shot button means 14 gms, and how can that be verified etc.  The short answer here: ALL OF THAT PRECISION is available in the barista galaxy of coffeemaking far, far away.  You are dealing with an automatic machine folks.  The settings of shot buttons can be changed to ANYTHING you like.   Some machines do allow shot-timing, others: nada.  The bean grinder spins away, until the CPU tells it to stop, however it determines THAT.  On the Z5 Settings include “Very mild, mild, normal, Strong, and Extra Strong whatever THAT means.  Amount of water in Ml or Ounces?  Sure, and how accurate is that?  We hope to some degree.    Not good enough for you?  Too arbitrary?   Time to buy A GS/3 or a Keyes.

Please don't try to disassemble your Jura machine, brewer mechanism or grinder!  Let US do that!

-We will NOT work on partially dismantled machines or machines that have been damaged or modified in any way or machines that have been unused for over a year.  Please ship these to JURA.   

Have a 240V JURA?  Bring it with your step-up transformer, please!!

-We can always use your dead and gone Jura machine for parts!  So please DONATE them to us!

Other problems we fix include blockages, clogged grinder / worn out grinder burrs, boilers, leaks, and failed sensors [ERROR #4]. 


#2 Z-5: BREW / STEAM THERMOCOIL BOILERS.  Note SENSOR on lower right steam boiler under bolt, and thermal fuses on both boilers.


NEVER use anything other than bottled, softened or reverse osmosis water for a Jura machine.  Please run all scheduled cleaning and descaling operations which are configurable.