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Having a Jura malfunction?  Bring it to us right here in Los Angeles for service!   We stock 95% of the parts that are most often needed!  Not good enough?  Ok, we'll fix it while you wait!   Cowabunga!
We are repairing JURAS as usual / CALL US!
**We repair your Jura 10X faster than JURA, what are you WAITING FOR?

**We now have in place special procedures to maintain distancing during COVID downtime!  CALL US!


REPAIR YOUR JURA WITHIN 2 DAYS AND USUALLY, SOONER THAN THAT!        Dolce Vita repairs most Jura problems such as "Error 8" message which indicates replacement of your brewer mechanism is due = You WILL be needing to do this repair at some point.  Grinder mill replacement and grinder tuning, is another routine maintenance item we do frequently.  Error 4 indicates a boiler sensor failure, another common issue.  Leaks can happen & are usually easily fixed.  Please use filtered water, be careful with oily beans, and bring it to us for routine maintenance.  **No cleaning supplies sold here, sorry!

THE FULL MONTY: We replace the brewer, check for leaks, and adjust the grinder!  Special price for all 3!  Usually done while you wait!

OMIGOD:  We are hearing more and more sad stories of JURAS being abandoned, stowed away, given away, or tossed because nobody wants to fix them or box them up and send them to JURA!  That's why we're here folks!  Just CALL US!

SHIPPING: We welcome your shipped-in Jura from the Western USA.  If you are East of Denver or outside the continental USA, you will need to ship to JURA in Pennsylvania as Jura machines are too easily damaged in shipping over long distances, no matter how well packed.   

BULLETIN:  Your Jura needs our 3 point "Full Monty" maintenance every 3-5 years depending on use.   We replace the brewer, check for leaks and adjust the grinder.   Do NOT put thiis off.   Over time, the brewer becomes encrusted with dried coffee, mold and scale - a health issue for sure!  Our FULL MONTY service is a 3-in-1 bargain - SO DO IT!

BULLETIN #2:  If you set FILTER to off and DESCALING INACTIVE (or to the lowest degree setting) in programming, and use bottled or RO water you will NEVER (or almost never), have to do tedious descaling and you will NEVER need to buy Jura's expensive filters and descaling tablets.  DO THIS.   You WILL need to do the periodic CLEANING program, however but since it does almost nothing useful, you can just do a PHANTOM CLEANING, or if you choose, use a cleaning tablet.

BULLETIN #3:  The Jura and similar automatic machines have an inherent issue related to the use of STICKY BEANS.  Too much sticky beans ground TOO FINE, will A) cause a grinder clog and/or B) cause a thick goopy sludge to form on the upper piston brewer screen, which will result in a severely reduced flow of coffee.  A) will require service by us to clean out your grinder and B) will require YOU to use an abrasive sponge and carefully clean off the underside of the brewer screen.  This should be done once a week.

BULLETIN #4:  YOU have worked on your machine already / some disassembly has been done / parts are missing.   -  Ok, our policy on this:  We reserve the right to decline repair of your Jura depending on it's condition.   Bring us an INTACT machine please! 

BULLETIN #5:  The Jura C60,C65, C9 and D6 models -  These are models with limited budget features at non-budget prices we do not find very appealing.  NO DEAL HERE!  You are MUCH better off buying a used Z or ENA model machine!   Even the humble original E8 is FAR SUPERIOR to these Jura models.  

BULLETIN #6:   Jura Giga models include the GIGA-5, X7, and W3.   These advanced finicky models are subject to various malfunctions such as electronic grinder problems (Error Codes #10-13) and Error #9 (control board) which require them to be serviced by JURA itself.   After you have sent your OOW Jura Giga in for service a few times at $510 a pop (as of 1-13-20), you too, may feel irritated.  

BULLETIN #7:  The Jura Z6 PEP has a serious defect issue involving the multivalve that will cause it to leak.  (Our sources in Germany have confirmed this is a problem there as well)   We can replace your multivalve if necessary.  

BULLETIN #8:   ENA MICRO/ A   These models have VERY small puck boxes which can fill up quickly with used coffee pucks creating an issue.  What can happen:  A) the used pucks spill over the rear edge of the puck box, preventing the trays from being inserted  and/or B) worse, the used pucks can back up into the brewer mechanism, and that will cause a huge MESS and a brewer malfunction.   The solution is to empty the puck box more often / do not make more than 4 coffees without emptying the puck box.   Visual inspection of the trays /inside will be needed to confirm everything is tidy and clean.  

BULLETIN #9:   Jura 240V European models - YES, we work on these for the usual maintenance items = (Jura USA will not)  However, if yours has electronic problems (we will let you know) it must be serviced in Europe - oooh, that's a nasty speedbump.  Jura advanced models such as the Z6 PEP and Giga are especially subject to electronic issues.  (Some take it on a jet with them as shipping is prohibitively expensive.)

Coming a long distance?  We can usually repair it while you wait! 


JURA espresso machines, Swiss made will WAY outlast and outperform any GAGGIA, DELONGHI or SAECO machine out there!  We routinely service JURA machines over 10 years old and send them on their way working just GREAT in a day or two   How can we do this?  The Jura is an intelligently designed machine which is modular in nature, has easily removed components /  made to be serviced.  The brewer mechanism common to all Juras is a marvel of engineering.  People are just LOVING their Juras!

 Any questions?   GO BUY ONE!  


If your Jura is groaning and creaking as it attempts to tamp coffee or go through its various movements you need to bring it to us right away or serious damage could occur.  The Jura brewer mechanism is not designed to be easily removed for service by the user. We replace your malfunctioning brewer with one of our like-new rebuilt units with all new gaskets.  We will thoroughly clean and calibrate your JURA machine so it will BE LIKE NEW!

If your Jura grinder is not grinding or you are getting an "add beans" message,  but the hopper is full, it may be time for your grinder burrs to be replaced OR you accidentally spilled water in the grinder, clogging it.  



Please don't try to disassemble your Jura machine, brewer mechanism or grinder!  Let US do that!

Have a 240V JURA?  Bring it with your step-up transformer, please!!

-We can always use your dead and gone Jura machine for parts!  So please DONATE them to us!

Other problems we fix include blockages, clogged grinder / worn out grinder burrs, boilers, leaks, and failed sensors [ERROR #4]. 


#2 Z-5: BREW / STEAM THERMOCOIL BOILERS.  Note SENSOR on lower right steam boiler under bolt, and thermal fuses on both boilers.


NEVER use anything other than bottled, softened or reverse osmosis water for a Jura machine.  Please run all scheduled cleaning and descaling operations which are configurable.