DOLCE VITA ESPRESSO installs and services your better quality home espresso machine.  We do home service / pick-up and deliver of your Profitec-Bezzera-Quickmill Rocket-ECM-Izzo-Livia and similar.  We install your plumbed-in espresso machine with multi-stage home reverse osmosis / canister water softener / so your expensive equipment will NEVER have a blockage issue.  Along with RO, we always install home spigots so you can ENJOY the incredible pure water that RO creates.  Your faucet brita filter and similar does NOT put out suitable water for home coffee making.  NEVER use hard L.A. water for anything but cleaning off your driveway!   

Rocket-ECM-Izzo-LiviaJURA automatic coffee machine and does our FULL MONTY maintenance as required which is generally brewer replacement and troubleshooting.  (We are not a coffee service, nor do we do any daily/weekly periodic maintenance involving replacement of filters, cleaning or descaling powders, or milk system cleaners - nor do we SUPPLY any of these.)    

Always use filtered water with any home espresso machine.